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Hourly trend: It might be a high demand for people commuting to work. Early morning and late evening can have different trend (cyclist) and low demand during 10:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Daily Trend: Users demand more bike on weekdays as compared to weekend or holiday.

Rain: The demand of bikes will be lower on a rainy day as compared to a sunny day. Similarly, higher humidity will cause to lower the demand and vice versa.

Temperature: In Ireland, temperature has positive correlation with bike demand.

Traffic: It can be positively correlated with Bike demand. Higher traffic may force people to use bike as compared to other road transport medium like car, taxi etc.

Date and time - new features

Times of the Day

Rainfall Intensity Level

Level Rainfall Intensity
no rain 0
drizzle 0.1~0.3
light rain 0.3~0.5
moderate rain 0.5~4
heavy rain >4


PDF direct link: Water in the atmosphere

Met Éireann Weather Forecast API


Precipitation unit: Rain will be output in millimetres (mm).

The minvalue, value and maxvalue values are derived from statistical analysis of the forecast, and refer to the lower (20th percentile), middle (60th percentile) and higher (80th percentile) expected amount. If minvalue and maxvalue are not output, value is the basic forecast amount.

<precipitation unit="mm" value="0.0" minvalue="0.0" maxvalue="0.1"/>

Wind Speed Beaufort scale

The Irish Meteorological Service - BEAUFORT SCALE

Beaufort scale

Another source:

Grouped Wind Speed (Beaufort scale)

Level Beaufort scale
Calm / Light Breeze 0~2
Breeze 3
Moderate Breeze 4-5
Strong Breeze / Near Gale 6-7
Gale / Storm 8~12

Initial new features



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