Hi, I'm Leandro.

A Data Analyst / Data Scientist based in Dublin, Ireland.

Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Knowledge of supervised and unsupervised learning models with classical and deep learning frameworks.

Software Engineering

Strong statistical programming ability in Python, R and databases using SQL queries.

Data Analytics

Ability to look beyond numbers, identifying and extracting relevant data insights to facilitate decision-making.


Postgraduate degree in Data Science at Technological University Dublin and bachelor's degree in System Analysis.

I have experience of working with teams operating in an Agile environment and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. With my background on project management I developed the skills to identify analytics opportunities, initiate projects and drive them to completion with minimal guidance.


A sample of the projects I've been working on.

Avian Flu
Spatial Analysis

Analysis on the spread of Bird Flu in Ireland

Spatial analysis on how Avian Influenza spreads providing insights on possible risky areas and wild birds species.

(SFI) - Awards Distribution

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) - Awards Distribution

Report on research funding and geographical distribution of grant awardees.

Gender Equality Dashboard

Gender differences in research grant applications

Analysis on gender differences in research grants offered by SFI whether the award was accepted or declined by the applicant.

Machine Learning

Porto Seguro’s Safe Driver Prediction

A Kaggle competition where the challenge was to build machine learning models aiming to predict if a driver will file an insurance claim next year.


Letter Frequency Analysis

Using HDFS and MapReduce to calculate average letter frequencies across a number of languages using the books that are available in the Project Gutenberg.

Survey Analysis

EU acceptance among European voters

Examining factors that influence a person to vote for their country to leave or remain a member of the European Union.

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